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Our People

Our  People

Every one of our lawyers is a multi-specialist, equipped to handle a broad range of legal matters. This versatility enables us to field fewer people for the projects and to give each client a single point of contact with whom they can build a close working relationship.

Ghaith Almajali

Managing partner

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Ghaith Almajali, a Co-Founder and Partner of Almajali & Partners LLP, is an experienced business attorney with a focus on complex transactional corporate law. Throughout his career, Ghaith has enjoyed working with clients and their other advisors as an integral part of a comprehensive working group focused on solving business challenges. Aside from being a certified specialist in Corporate and Commercial Law, serving on advisory and public company boards and committees, is a respected and trusted legal advisor because he truly cares about his clients. He approaches their business issues from a strategic and holistic point of view, allowing him to effectively plot out a clear path to overcoming his clients’ obstacles and accomplishing their goals.

Ghaith counsels’ clients on a wide variety of general business strategies and issues including advising start-up businesses and international clients wishing to do business in Jordan, negotiating shareholder, partnership, employment, joint venture, distributorship, confidentiality, equipment leasing, computer and other technology arrangements and other business-related matters. He also facilitates resolution of shareholder and other business disputes.

As a founding partner of Almajali & Partners LLP, Ghaith prides himself on the firm’s ability to service clients in a highly sophisticated, responsive, and cost-effective way. His motivation to help form a smaller firm was driven by his desire to work more closely with business owners and their families on ensuring sustainable growth and success.


Head of Corporate

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Maha’s background and experience in corporate law and corporate compliance, her specialization in the Private shareholding and Offshore companies, coupled with her decades-long expertise in a variety of transactional and regulatory matters, including mergers and acquisitions, Joint ventures, corporate structuring and restructuring, corporate governance, business formation, and transactional agreements made her one of the top Corporate attorneys in Jordan.

As part of her general business practice, Maha closely advises companies at all stages of the business life cycle. Helping business owners make better decisions and manage risk, Maha partners with clients to select the correct form of business entity, draft ownership control documents such as shareholder agreements, review and negotiate contracts, establish employment practices and documents, obtain financing, acquire and sell business assets, purchase, sell or lease commercial real estate, and establish succession plans and exit strategies.

Laith Al Tarawneh

Senior Partner

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Laith is a skilled first-chair trial lawyer whose practice is largely focused on complex commercial disputes. focuses his practice on a broad range of complex business and commercial litigation, including large-scale construction disputes, white collar defense, employment disputes and insurance recovery.

Rola Halaseh

Senior Partner / Head of Intellectual Property and Trade Mark Department

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ROLA provide services to individual and corporate clients who require counsel regarding complex government laws, rules, regulations, procedures, permitting, applications, or enforcement matters. Her specialized field will most often be called upon when a governmental action may impact an individual or business. This encompasses a wide range of legal matters, from assisting obtaining a building permit from a local government agency to responding to an official regulatory enforcement action against a large corporation.


Taghreed Jaber

Partner/ Head of Criminal Litigation

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Nonprofit lawyer Taghreed Jaber is a partner of Almajali & Partners law firm, which provides comprehensive legal counsel to Nonprofit organizations and charitable donors. Her clients include educational, human service, health, environmental, arts, advocacy, and professional organizations as well as corporate, family, and independent foundations throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and abroad.

Taghreed is a member of the penal reform international.


In addition to providing extensive corporate, tax, and trust advice to nonprofit clients, Taghreed focuses on a number of sub-specialties including Nonprofit governance and organizational design, Nonprofit affiliations, partnerships, and mergers, Emerging business models for achieving social impact (such as benefit corporations, program related investments, and donor advised funds), Risk assessment and liability protection, Endowment stewardship, Grant award agreements; and International philanthropy



Mustafa Abo Addas


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Mustafa has been practicing law for many years. He is highly respected in the professional community for his ability and integrity. Mustafa has been involved in numerous matrimonial and family law cases that range from straight forward to complex. His expertise in understanding and litigating high conflict custody cases permits him to navigate these difficult situations. In addition, Mustafa has been able to maximize the results for clients faced with difficult business and financial issues related to equitable distribution divorce.

Mustafa is an experienced matrimonial and family law attorney who is a family man. He personally understands the importance of family and of protecting the rights and future of your children. As such, we strive to provide only the highest quality legal representation in order to help our clients reach their individual goals as they relate to their matrimonial or family law matter.

Mustafa represents clients throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He also has special expertise in appearing before arbitration panels in religious divorce cases.

He is known to proceed with force and sensitivity, always attending to the client’s needs in the drive for a just result. Each case is different and requires its own attention.

Mustafa is a member of the Jordan Bar Association and licensed as Sharia lawyer.

Faisal Sharaia


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Faisal A. Sharia has experience representing businesses and individuals in a wide variety of legal disputes and transactions. Mr. Sharia concentrates in litigation and is experienced in all phases of civil and commercial litigation, including trial and appellate practice in the Jordanian courts. Mr. Sharia has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of corporate/business disputes, as well as in litigation involving claims of breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, business torts and unfair competition claims, shareholder and partnership disputes and dissolutions, real estate litigation, theft of trade secrets, professional malpractice, defamation, copyright, trademark, and rights of privacy and publicity.


Head of Trademarks and Copyright

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Haneen is recognized for legal excellence in intellectual property law, including patent licensing, trademark and copyright. with a special emphasis on prosecution, enforcement, and maintenance of Jordanian and international trademarks. Haneen also provides support for intellectual property litigation, including enforcement of trademarks against infringement and counterfeiting. She is knowledgeable in several technology areas, including mechanisms, manufacturing, industrial design, medical devices, and aerospace. She regularly obtains trademark registration for clients; her experience includes preparing and negotiating licensing agreements among both intellectual property holders and those desiring to obtain rights to intellectual property.



[email protected] T +962 (6) 5515666 - M +962 775515666

Mohammad is a highly skilled partner lawyer at our law firm, providing exceptional legal consultations and representation to both national and international clients. As a member of the Jordanian Bar Association, Mohammad brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his practice.

With a degree in Law Studies from the University of Jordan, Mohammad has a solid foundation in legal principles and practices. His areas of practice primarily focus on corporate and commercial consultation, with a particular emphasis on labor matters. Mohammad has also served as a consultant for the Jordan Chamber of Industry, where he handled complex commercial and labor matters. This role further exemplifies his deep understanding of the intricacies of corporate and labor law in Jordan. Mohammad’s involvement as a consultant with the JCI demonstrates his commitment to contributing to the development and competitiveness of Jordanian industries. Additionally, Mohammad is experienced in filing cases, managing court procedures, and ensuring diligent follow-up on legal matters.

Mohammad is known for his excellent communication and negotiation skills, which allow him to effectively advocate for his clients’ interests. He is adept at presenting complex legal arguments in a clear and persuasive manner, making him a compelling advocate in court hearings. His extroverted, intuitive, rational, and assertive personality traits contribute to his ability to navigate legal complexities and achieve favorable outcomes for his clients.

In addition to his core practice areas, Mohammad possesses valuable knowledge in drafting court documents, preparing case documents for clients, and conducting thorough legal research. He is well-versed in handling various applications, searches, and requisitions at different authorities, such as the Land Department, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Interior.

With his dedication to his clients’ success and his commitment to professionalism, Mohammad is a trusted partner lawyer at our firm. His expertise, combined with his exceptional skills and personality traits, make him an invaluable asset to our team and a reliable advocate for our clients.



T +962 (6) 5515666 - M +962 775515666

Kristen is a competent junior partner lawyer at our company who specializes in business and commercial counseling, with a particular emphasis on intellectual property matters. She provides great legal assistance and guidance to both national and international clients, owing to her varied legal experience and skill set. Kristen is a member of the Jordanian Bar Association.

Kristen holds an LLM in International Law in Human Rights and Human Development Studies, a dual program offered by the University of Jordan and Mendel University in the Czech Republic. Additionally, she obtained an LLB in Law Studies from the University of Jordan. Her dedication to academic excellence is evident through her recognition as a recipient of the prestigious Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Award in Austria, Vienna.

Fluent in English and Arabic, Kristen’s bilingual proficiency allows her to effectively communicate with a wide range of clients, both locally and internationally. Her excellent communication and negotiation skills, combined with her creative writing abilities, make her a valuable asset in providing legal consultations. Furthermore, her advanced public speaking and presentation skills ensure that she can effectively convey complex legal concepts to clients and stakeholders.

Kristen possesses exceptional organizational, planning, monitoring, and evaluation skills, which enable her to handle multiple client engagements simultaneously while maintaining the highest level of quality and efficiency. Her extraverted, intuitive, rational, and assertive personality traits contribute to her ability to excel in the legal profession.

Within her areas of practice, Kristen offers comprehensive services related to corporate and commercial matters. She specializes in reviewing and drafting various agreements, including franchise agreements, lease agreements, labor contracts, and e-service agreements. Moreover, she has extensive experience in assisting clients with the filing and registration of companies, trademarks, and patents. Her expertise ensures that clients receive the best legal representation and strategic advice tailored to their unique needs.

Kristen’s dedication to her clients and her commitment to the legal profession make her an invaluable member of our team. Her exceptional qualifications and comprehensive understanding of the law allow her to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients, no matter how complex the legal challenges may be.

Yara Al-khatatbh

Office manager

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Ahmad Daoud

IT Management

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Diana khazaleh


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